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Summer Sessions

July 14

July 28

Welcome to Studio Ready!  Student's objective in this workshop is to write, record, and mix a professionally produced original song in a group setting while acquiring industry-standard music production skills along the way.  


We'll focus on all different elements of the process such as songwriting, production, recording, editing, and mixing.  Each member will have a role in the camp be it playing an instrument, contributing to the writing, adding to the mix, or any of the above!


We believe it's important for young musicians and artists these days to have the skills needed to produce their own music, especially in the digital world, and you'll learn how to do just that in our camp!


FRI  (10AM-6PM) $145 tuition


Take BOTH sessions and pay just $275

To register, email us today! (include your student's name, age, and contact info for mom/dad)

Studio Ready

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