This year's Winter Recital will be pre-recorded in our Trexlertown studio by a professional film and sound crew.  Students interested in performing must sign up before November 2, 2020.  

Each student will be given a time slot to record their performance. Performances will be aired on YouTube and Facebook Live later in December. 


November 21 & 22

November 28 & 29

RECITAL FEE: $25 per student

Note: Teachers will not be at the recording, so you may choose any day/time.

Each group of eight students will be safely distanced in the lobby of our Trexlertown location to await their turn to perform.

When it is your student's turn they will be escorted to the band rehearsal building behind the Trexlertown location.  

If you request it - ONLY the videographer and your student will be present for the performance.  Otherwise, the student videographer and a member of our TLC staff will be present.